Down the River

I took these photo’s at the end of March down the river bank near to where i live.

Some of my recent Photo’s

Castlerigg Stone Circle in Black & White.
See my previous blog to find out more about this place.

Broughton Hall.
Very little is known about this place but what i can gather is the owners couldn’t afford to have it repaired so it;s been left to rot. We couldn’t actually enter the building as all the downstairs windows have bars on them to stop the likes of yours truly getting in.
Notice the fencing in the right of the photo?  I had to crawl under that to get in but that’s urbex for you.

Down the Solway near the town of Eastriggs Scotland.

Same place as above photo.
Next week i hope to bring you photo’s from Caldbeck Fell which i find an eerie place.

Castlerigg Stone Circle is one of the most visually impressive prehistoric monuments in Britain, and is the most visited stone circle in Cumbria. Every year thousands of people visit it to look, photograph, draw and wonder why and when and by whom it was built. The stone circle is on the level top of a low hill with views across to Skiddaw, Blencathra and Lonscale Fell.

There are 38 stones in a circle approximately 30 metres in diameter. Within the ring is a rectangle of a further 10 standing stones. The tallest stone is 2.3 metres high. It was probably built around 3000 BC – the beginning of the later Neolithic Period – and is one of the earliest stone circles in Britain. It is important in terms of megalithic astronomy and geometry, as the construction contains significant astronomical alignments.

Although its origins are unknown it is believed that it was used for ceremonial or religious purposes.

Castlerigg 004 Castlerigg 005 Castlerigg 009 Castlerigg 017 Castlerigg B&W

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